• Book of The Month: Murder In Paradise

    This month we went to the luscious Paradise Spa. Our beautiful mom Alice - who a lot of people mistake for our big sister - won a competition so we took Enid, Lila and Lila's mom Grace. It was really relaxing and we both cheated on our boyfriends oops! But we soon realised everything was not as it seemed, particularly with the owner of the spa Tatiana Mueller, who turned out to be evil and wanted to wear our Mom's face!

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Jessica Wakefield Bloc Party Audition Tape

I want to be famous, it’s no secret. And I’m a fantastic singer, which is an open secret. So when I heard that the band Bloc Party were looking for a singer, I immediately thought of me. And then I immediately demanded that Elizabeth stopped the boring ‘assignment’ she was doing for ‘college application’ and help me make this audition tape.

Twins can wear waistcoats too

A Guide to Twins by Jessica Wakefield (school report)

A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a twin. I think that’s so lazy. I always say, why don’t you go and be a twin yourself and stop asking me about my experience? This is Jessica’s Guide to Twins, fix it please Elizabeth.

We meet Charlie from Noah and the Whale

So, here’s some things that we learned when we met Charlie from Noah and the Whale:
1. Charlie is super good at Geography!
2. How to say ‘John Travolta’ in Greek!
3. Charlie likes WINSTON EGBERT!!!! NERD ALERT!!!

Current Affairs With Jessica!!!

CELEBRITY HORROR…News is coming in this morning of a horrific event at the Glastonbury festival in England, London, involving KEANU REEVES of the band DOGSTAR.

We Report From Wi-Fi Festival!

This weekend we went to Wi-Fi Festival where we saw the amazing Pulp!




Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for – the TOP FIVE JESSICAS OF ALL TIME! Culminating in ME! (Spoiler Alert)

London Trip!

We visit the best fashion magazine ever in the world!

Elizabeth’s Guide To The Perfect Date

The perfect date is no accident, it takes planning and forethought and careful attention to detail. Jess and I have had years of practice, so I don’t think any of you should expect to ever have a perfect date, but with my advice you might have a pretty darn good one!

Current Affairs with Jessica!!

It’s not just people with glasses who can keep up with current affairs!

Welcome to my new column where I talk about the current affairs that matter today!

There is absolutely no way that I stole this idea from Elizabeth after the first Oracle meeting!

We interview We Are Scientists!

We interviewed Keith Murray from cool rock music group We Are Scientists, while they were on tour in England, which as you know is in Europe, France!

We Meet Joe Dunthorne!

We look around the studio of a Hollywood heart-throb!

Elizabeth Reviews – Reality Bites!

I went to see this film, read my scathing – but fair – review!

Enid Tells Us How To Be “Alt”

I just got sent a post from Enid, it’s all about being alternative and stuff, whatever that means! Yay!

We Meet Devonte Hynes!

Recently on our trip to London we met up with Devonte Hynes, a totally awesome guy who’s really cool even though he wears glasses!

Jessica’s Guide to Riot Grrrl

Here’s some things that hanging out with a rioter girl taught me. You can find these things in my leaflet on Monday, which is available from the nurse’s office, the cafeteria, and Korean Club rec room.

Be a lady!

I have put together a list of helpful tips which I think constitute proper feminine behaviour. You’re welcome!

Jessica’s Dreamboats (top five)

Here are my dream boys, they’re so much better than Elizabeth’s.

Elizabeth’s Dreamboats

We love boys, it’s no secret, so we’ve each compiled our list of dreamboats you just have to check out. These are guys who are all up and coming, and sure to be really really famous really soon, so grab them while you still can!

Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Sweet Valley.