Elizabeth’s Dreamboats

We love boys, it’s no secret, so together we compiled our list of dreamboats you just have to check out. These are guys who are all up and coming, and sure to be really really famous really soon, so grab them while you still can!

1. Keanu Reeves

Elizabeth says: Although I disagree with any boy showing a lack of intelligence, or speaking improperly, there was something very charming about the character of Ted Theodore Logan whom Reeves portrayed in ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’. To be honest I skipped through most scenes of the film, but I did find some of the ideas it dealt with about the ‘self’ quite interesting. Do we all have an evil side? Is there an evil twin somewhere out there for all of us? Having very little experience of this myself, I found that notion fascinating. I’ve written a 14 page thesis on it in my diary but since that probably won’t be published till about 2001 when I’m a successful writer, you’ll just have to wait to read it. 

2. Jason Priestley

Elizabeth says: Jason Priestley is pretty much my ideal celebrity crush. He’s charming, intelligent and really seems to care about Andrea Zuckerman. He can even see through her unattractive appearance and poor background which is something I really admire as I know it’s challenging to do. I heard from a friend who knows someone who saw him that he’s quite short, which must be very difficult for him. I would love him despite this terrible flaw. 

3. Mark Paul Gosselaar

Elizabeth says: I LOVE ‘Saved By The Bell’.  It’s so funny!  And it deals with real issues.  I too have felt the stress and pressure to be perfect like Jessie Spanno,.  Although I’ve never taken drugs to help me! Eww!  Zac Morris is a bit of a bad boy, always up to pranks, but he’s got a good heart.  I don’t really like the way he talks about his on/off girlfriend Kelly, he’s quite forward!  But I too know what it’s like to be caught between two men, I know how awful it can be to have to choose, so it’s wonderful watching that on the television.  Anyway, Gosselaar is a fantastic actor, and I have no doubt he has a wonderful career in front of him, packed full of highly successful films and classic Shakespearean roles. 

4. Nick Carter

Elizabeth says: This band are so fantastic.  They’re the new Beatles, mark my words.  I know a lot about music, and these guys are basically the Brahms of pop.  They’re going to be absolutely huge and stay huge forever.  Nick Carter has the boyish good looks I always go for – I love his curtains! – and he looks like someone who’ll be handsome when he’s older, which is very important to me.  I really looked up to my parents because they’re so attractive – it’s the outward goodness which shows the inner goodness, and there’s no excuse for letting yourself go.  Carter seems like he would be sweet and loving and never have an affair or cuss in public.


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