An Open Letter To Enid

When we went to University my best friend Enid changed forever, beyond all recognition.  What follows is an open letter to her, asking her to remember what we once had. 

Dear Enid,

Hi. How are you? I know you’re probably annoyed that I used your real name instead of your new title ‘Alex’ but ‘Enid’ was my friend all through High School and it’s hard to let her go. Because she has gone. She is dead. Like, really really dead.

I don’t know what happened when we got to University, I don’t feel like I changed, but something between us did. Was it that I put on three pounds and went up to a size 8? If that’s the case I completely understand. I was disgusting. Jessica said I looked like a weiner in a wig, and she was being kind.
But maybe it’s not that.  Suddenly you were a new person. Spending the night in the room of a boy, and being happy about it?! Not feeling suitably guilty and upset and chastising yourself for your awful behaviour?! I didn’t get it. That’s the behaviour of Amy Sutton, not you. You were never easy Enid.

I hear you’re doing really well now. I see you around campus and you’ve ditched those courdroy caps and full-length dungarees Jess always laughed at. If that makes you happy – great. But I miss the way you used to dress. Sure it was frumpy and unstylish and always a palette of puke-brown, but it was you.

I guess now you’ve got a jock boyfriend and you’re part of a sorority you don’t want old lumpy Liz following you around moaning. Especially with this huge ass trailing along behind me (size 8. Urgh). But I miss you. It’s been really hard being single after Todd left me because I wouldn’t give him my special love flower, and it does feel weird seeing you hang out with him and his new girlfriend who has given him her special love flower. Does that not make you feel weird?

Basically you’re a lying ass ho who’ll always be dull old Enid no matter what you change about yourself or what you make people believe and yeah Liz got fat but she’s still hotter than you and doesn’t dress like a grungy page boy from Victorian England.

Woah sorry. Jess wrote that. Oh well I’ll send this anyway with that left in. I love Jess too much to censor her.



Read Enid’s Reply HERE


2 Responses to “An Open Letter To Enid”
  1. Jena Pasko says:

    Being a Jessica fan, I hated Enid…but she looks really pretty on the cover of Enid’s Story. Of course, her story is borrrrrrrrring!

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