Jessica’s Dreamboats (top five)

We love boys, it’s no secret, so together we compiled our list of dreamboats you just have to check out. These are guys who are all up and coming, and sure to be really really famous really soon, so grab them while you still can!

1. Luke Perry

Luke Perry was voted ‘Biggest Flirt’ in High School and I think he and I would get on because I’m not only hugely popular, I am also a big flirt! I heard he has a pig too, which is gross, but if he cleans up his act then maybe I’ll consider letting him take me to the Dairy Burger.

2. Jeremy London and Jason London

They’re twins like us. I know me and Liz should share, but I like them both so I won’t. Jeremy, Jason, if you read this, it’s totally OK to ask me on a date.

3. Tim Wheeler

I love musicians, because I’m so awesome. This ‘Britishpop’ musician is from a town called Ireland in England, which is near Europe. I don’t mind that he’s really foreign and probably doesn’t have a car. If he borrowed one I would maybe go to the movies with him.

4. James Van Der Beek

What is this guy like 45 years old? Although I would marry an older man, I wouldn’t marry this one. No way. You hear me James? No way.

5. Lance Bass

Lance is so cute and his nails always look really clean. And he’s so famous. He can pay for my drink any time.

6. George Clooney

I’m getting really bored of this writing stuff. Apparently I’ve gone over five boys now anyway. Whatever. If any of you want to date Jessica Wakefield you’ve got to try harder. Like this new doctor on ER. Liz says he’s also like a charity campaigner but more importantly he’s friends with Brad Pitt. I like Brad too but eventually I want to have kids and he doesn’t look the type.

2 Responses to “Jessica’s Dreamboats (top five)”
  1. Frank Mojica says:

    Hahahahaha oh Xenu

  2. Mandy Miller says:

    Tim Wheeler shares Todd Wilkins’ initials. Coincidence? I think not.

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