We interview We Are Scientists!

We interviewed Keith Murray from cool rock music group We Are Scientists, while they were on tour in England, which as you know is in Europe, France!

For some reason Keith was super confused about literally everything! He doesn’t seem to know what year it is, and he definitely has a stutter.

It’s OK though because not everyone is perfect like us, and in fine mental health. At least Keith has the satisfaction of also being in a band with his twin.

He asked us how we managed to get an interview. Silly Keith – we were hiding in your flight case for 48 hours!

Boys are weird.

Check out We Are Scientists website for their own features, videos and advice column…

Our interview!

Elizabeth: I was on your website and it says you formed in 2000. Why have you fictitiously set yourself in the future? 

Why have we what?  We did.  We did form in 2000. Eleven years ago.  Um.

Jessica: What does fictitious mean?

It… huh?  It means, like, um, fabricated.  Fantastical.  But, see, I don’t … That doesnt have anything to do with our origin story.  We did form in 2000.
Elizabeth: It also says on your website that you live in New York. I saw a film about New York called The Basketball Diaries, which was amazing because as a writer I also have a diary. Have you met Leonardo DiCaprio?
I haven’t, no.  I did once sit behind him and Gisele Bundchen in a showing of the Robert DeNiro debacle Hide And Seek in movie theater in Murray Hill, surprisingly.  It was nice that he was showing support for his old friend from whatever movie they’d done together previously. What was that movie
Jessica: It’s so cool that you’re in a band. What else is really cool?
Uh…hmm.  I’m on the spot, now.  I can’t think of anything else cool, outside of band membership. Drag racing?
Elizabeth: One of your singles is called I Don’t Bite. Do you know I once went out with a vampire?
I didn’t know that, no.  Like, did he have fang-tooth fittings, or something? Or was he just, like, a goth, or something? Or…huh… 
Jessica: Apparently you do TV presenting. Can you get me a job with MTV?
I could probably get you an internship, or something, I guess.  Or, I don’t know.  Do you have any sort of resume?  I’m suspecting that you just want to hang out with people in bands. Out of curiosity, how did you arrange this interview?  Surely our PR agent didn’t set this up . ..
Elizabeth: Do you think that disturbing new teen movement ‘Grunge’ is a disruptive influence on wholesome American values like mine?

The…what, now? Are you talking about how the 1990s are coming back?  Like, how tons of bands sound like, uh, Dinosaur Jr.?  Or…I don’t know.  I guess I didn’t think grunge was that threatening to innocent morality the first time around.  Unless…I guess there were a lot of heroin enthusiasts back then, your Kurt Cobains and the guy from Alice In Chains, and stuff. But otherwise, I don’t know.  So, no.  I don’t think that.

Jessica: I would come on tour with you if you asked me. Do you want my pager number? Who is the hottest musician you’ve ever toured with?

No, that’s okay.  I can get your contact info from our PR person, if I need to.  Which, I’m still a little confused about whether or not you went through our PR agency.  Surely they wouldn’t have gone and . . . I mean, no offense.  This is good, this is fun, but I guess they just usually deal with more, um . . . “established,” I guess is the right word?  “Established journalists”?  I’m trying not to say  “legitimate.”

Tim from Ash is awfully cute, I guess.  Um … The girls in Au Revoir Simone are all very pretty. The girls in Bad Girlfriend are very hot, for sure.
Elizabeth: Have you met Mary Louise Parker?
Uh, no.  What is she from? Was she in Single White Female?  Or . .. No, that’s Bridget Fonda and uh, whats’ername, Jennifer Jason Leigh.  So, what was Mary Louise Parker in?  I legitimately have no idea why I know who that is.
Jessica: Who is the most famous person you know and what is their home address?
Uh…ha ha.  Um. 
Elizabeth: You have a song called Chick Lit. What is your advice for a young woman like me who would like to be a professional writer, perhaps of Chick Lit?
I…I don’t really know much about breaking into the literary industry.  I guess…um…I guess just try to write every day.  Just make it a habit, I guess?  Try to get your crappy writing out of the way early?
Jessica: I’ve heard it’s hard for musicians to make money from record sales these days. I just want you to know that’s why I wouldn’t marry you unless I was drunk.
Well, likewise.
Elizabeth: You’re heavily influenced by hot band ‘Weezer’. How did you get hold of the Green Album three years before its release date?
I didn’t.  What? I guess I did have mp3s of some of the demos and stuff that leaked before it came out, if that’s what you’re asking.  Why do I feel like that’s not what you’re asking?
Jessica: Do you think rollerblading will catch on?
Elizabeth: You have an advice column on your website. It’s so great that you’re reaching out to people who are less perfect that me and Jess. Have you ever saved someone’s life?
Only possibly in the sense that maybe a song of ours brought happiness or, uh, you know, prompted self-examination in a fan who was legitimately unhappy, or something like that.  I don’t know.  No.  I definitely have never saved someone’s life. 
Jessica: Have you ever met Bon Jovi?
No, but I do have Richie Sambora’s phone number.  True.  There’s no way I’m showing it to you, though.
Elizabeth: Do you want to just hold hands and talk?
Ah, no, thanks.  That’s okay.  Are we done?

Some twin questions:

Jessica: Your Twitter profile has a photo of two dogs. Do you think they are twin dogs?

Uh, I guess they’re likely members of a group of four or five or more puppies.  So, kind of.  They’re probably sort of fraternal quintuplet puppies, or whatever.
Jessica: Is being in a duo sort of like being twins?
Elizabeth: Is being a duo sort of like being twins? 
Jessica: I just said that! Wow we are so in tune. 
So, I can go now?
Jessica: Thanks very much.
Yeah, thanks.  Bye.        

Purchase We Are Scientists’ latest album, Barbara, on Amazon. We say, “A mysterious album title. Who is Barbara? Does she have a twin?”
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  1. Frank Mojica says:

    I want to see you two interview The Knife. The bar has been set very high: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcLHOzwUsxo

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