We Meet Joe Dunthorne!

So this week we went to the office of Joe Dunthorne, a really famous movie star who also writes books!  He said he almost definitely could introduce Jess to Alec Baldwin and make her into a famous actress.  She’s already written her Oscar Award speech.  In August Joe is releasing his new book, ‘Wild Abandon’ which is about a brother and sister who live on a commune and think the world is going to end.  We suggested he should change it to two twin sisters from California with blonde hair and size six figures, but he didn’t want to do that.  Joe also helps young people with their creative writing at The Ministry of Stories, Elizabeth was really inspired by this.  Jessica said the only creative things she liked were fashion and tofu glo cosmetics.  After starring in the blockbuster movie ‘Submarine’ we thought Joe might be all “Hollywood” and wear white linen suits and call everyone “babe”, so we were relieved to find that being a huge movie star hasn’t changed him.  Watch the film below to see what happened!  (Any Directors looking to cast Jess, she’s just informed me that she’s only taking roles where she looks spectacularly beautiful and gets a gold jeep to drive around in).  Thanks!


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