We meet Charlie from Noah and the Whale

So at first I was like, why am I interviewing this Charlie? This is an important website – we want Noah, or the whale – no substitutes. But then Elizabeth was like, Jessica, there is no Noah. And I was like, OK, what about the whale, and she said, I’m not sure. And then I said maybe she was the whale, haha, because I saw her eat that burger at the Dairy Burger earlier, and then she stormed off, probably to eat something. That’s OK though cause when Charlie showed up, it turned out he was hot and I didn’t need competition from Liz. I didn’t even tell her she had lettuce in her teeth.

So, here’s some things that we learned when we met Charlie from Noah and the Whale:

1. Charlie is super good at Geography!

2. How to say ‘John Travolta’ in Greek!

3. Charlie likes WINSTON EGBERT!!!! NERD ALERT!!!

E: Hey Charlie, the singer of Noah and the Whale! Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to us! We know you must be really busy.

J: Yeah, like, busy with your girlfriend? If you have a girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend? I’m not asking for any particular reason.

E: So anyway –

J: I mean, I am asking because I saw you on the David Letterman show the other day and I just thought it would have been a better performance if I was your girlfriend.

E: Jess!

J: I’m being a ‘gonzo’ interviewer.

E: OK, back to the questions. So Charlie, your band is pretty great. Would you ever play at our prom? Have you played a prom before?

We are unable to play Prom as our bass player (Urby Whale) isn’t allowed into high schools.

J: Who’s the sexiest member of your band?

We alternate every night. I think tomorrow it’s Fred’s night to be sexy.

E: I noticed you have a song about spelling, L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N – did you know I was three times champion of the Sweet Valley Spelling Bee? What’s your favourite word to spell?


J: What does the word Lifegoeson mean?

E: Is it Greek? I’m really smart, so I’ve heard of Greece.

It’s actually from ‘Grease’ the musical not the place. It means John Travolta is cool.

J: I really empathise with your song Wild Thing, because of the time I dyed my hair black and took on an accent. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?

This interview.

E: You’ve travelled so much on tour! Why don’t we do a geography quiz? What’s the capital of Paris?

It’s the ‘P’. The rest are lower case.

J: In what country would you find an ‘English Muffin’?

Anywhere but England. Here we just call them muffins or if you prefer to use the colloquial slang a ‘muffy muffy ding dong’.

E: How many countries are there in California?

50, which is why there are 50 stripes in the American flag.

J: Quiz over! One more question: in five years time, I will be 21. Will you take me to a bar?




J: When your brother, Doug Fink, was in the band, did you ever dress up as each other and play jokes on people?

Sometimes I dress up as a doctor and go into his hospital and perform heart surgery.

E: Did you ever wish you were actual twins and not just brothers?

Every day.

J: If you had to either choose Urby Whale or Tom Fiddle to be your twin, which one would you choose?

Neither. I would choose Winston Egbert.

2 Responses to “We meet Charlie from Noah and the Whale”
  1. Emily says:

    Best interview ever! I am so sick of those old safe questions. Asking him to play at your prom, now that’s gold.

  2. Emmy says:

    Oh god that is hilarious, it’s nice to see people not interviewing them so seriously because Charlie has such a great sense of humour. Well done, you guys rock!

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