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Jessica Wakefield Bloc Party Audition Tape

I want to be famous, it’s no secret. And I’m a fantastic singer, which is an open secret. So when I heard that the band Bloc Party were looking for a singer, I immediately thought of me. And then I immediately demanded that Elizabeth stopped the boring ‘assignment’ she was doing for ‘college application’ and help me make this audition tape.

A Guide to Twins by Jessica Wakefield (school report)

Twins can wear waistcoats too

A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a twin. I think that’s so lazy. I always say, why don’t you go and be a twin yourself and stop asking me about my experience? This is Jessica’s Guide to Twins, fix it please Elizabeth.

We meet Charlie from Noah and the Whale

So, here’s some things that we learned when we met Charlie from Noah and the Whale:
1. Charlie is super good at Geography!
2. How to say ‘John Travolta’ in Greek!
3. Charlie likes WINSTON EGBERT!!!! NERD ALERT!!!

Current Affairs With Jessica!!!

CELEBRITY HORROR…News is coming in this morning of a horrific event at the Glastonbury festival in England, London, involving KEANU REEVES of the band DOGSTAR.